Rental Equipment Tracking Software

Modern companies don’t have the luxury of performing manual inventories.
Move Faster, Improve Productivity and Reduce Errors with RFID

RFID Equipment Tracking with your Smartphone

A2B Tracking technology is a secure cloud-based asset management system that incorporates RFID and advanced barcode tracking from one system.

Connect your Smartphone via Bluetooth to the Zebra RFD8500 handheld while accessing the A2B RFID Tracker app to enable critical asset tracking features.

Smartphone features include: Locate Assets, Inventory, Check Out with Due Back Assignment, Check In, Asset Commissioning and more.

Speed-up Inventories and Reduce Errors

  • Inventory 1000’s of assets per hour
  • Achieve 99%+ inventory accuracy
  • Use RFID to find missing assets in minutes
  • Perform customer inventory counts 30x faster
  • Integrate to any financial or inventory system

Manual and barcode-based systems are too time consuming and error prone.

Quickly Locate Specific Assets

When assets are missing they are often not lost but very hard to find.

The A2B Tracking proprietary Pro-Locate™ feature leverages RFID and your Smartphone to search entire facilities to find a specific asset that’s gone missing.

Using the A2B RFID Tracker app, pick the asset and click Pro-Locate™ while walking your facility until the software reports a successful find.

Pro-Locate™ reduces search times from many hours to just a few minutes.

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“With A2B Tracking we are saving about $15,000 every month”


A2B Tracking’s RFID module allows us to perform fast and efficient inventories
of our corporate fixed and mobile assets.

– H&K

A2B Tracking technology saves us significant time in accounting for customer sails and allows us
to provide the world class service our customers expect.

North Sails

Rental Equipment Tracking Software

Rental companies do not have the luxury of performing time consuming manual inventories. Modern companies need to take advantage of technology to move faster and more intelligently.

Let A2B Tracking provide you with a better way to track and manage your rental equipment.

Track a Variety of Rental Equipment

Party and Event

  • Tables and chairs
  • Linens and tableware
  • Tents
  • Inflatables
  • AV or IT equipment


  • Lifts
  • Generators
  • Excavators
  • Compactors
  • Tools

…. And much more!

RFID Gateway Readers for Autonomous Tracking

Automatically improve inventory accuracy by adding fixed RFID gateways when you’re ready for total hands-free tracking of assets.

A2B Tracking software detects location and direction that equipment is moving within a facility.  Impinj RFID gateways mount easily above a doorway, in a warehouse or production line for easy detection of an asset’s last known location.

Fixed RFID Gateways
Zebra Advanced RFID Specialist

Zebra Advanced RFID Specialist

A2B Tracking is a certified Zebra Advanced RFID Specialist. This certification is reserved for the most highly developed Zebra ISV partners and recognizes our expertise and investment in RFID solutions.

Our partnership with Zebra Technologies allows us to provide cutting edge technology to help organizations digitize their operations to improve speed, productivity and accuracy.

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