Read Up on A2B Tracking in Action

A2B Tracking customers have lots to say about the problems that we help them solve, the time they are saving and the “headaches” that have gone away. To learn how others are using A2B Tracking products and services, check out the following Case Studies.

Case Studies

DRMP improves equipment visibility with mobile RFID

DRMP is a civil engineering and surveying firm with over 500 employees. Field work is an integral part of the business and often requires taking technical equipment from site to site. DRMP historically has struggled with keeping track of their equipment and maintaining accountability. Read how A2B Tracking helped the organization achieve near 100% asset visibility.

Redback Case Study

Redback uses RFID Tracking for Rental Equipment

Redback Energy Services is a rental and service company for the oil and gas industry. When they needed to improve the tracking and management of their rental equipment they leveraged A2B Tracking’s RFID system. The Redback team previously required a full week to perform a physical inventory of their equipment – it can now be accomplished in 1 hour. Read more to learn about this RFID solution and the results that were achieved.

ARS Case Study

ARS Leverages
RFID Asset Tracking for
Real-time Visibility of Inventory

ARS has four return centers strategically located throughout the Continental US, with their main headquarters in San Diego, CA. Randy Dillon and his team in San Diego had been using a manual process for years to track their inventory of refurbished copiers, printers and other office technology equipment. The manual system they were using to track their 2000+ assets, Randy explained, was very time consuming and not very effective.

North Sails uses
RFID to Improve
Customer Satisfaction

North Sails is the global leader in sail making. Managing their Sail loft inventory was a very labor intensive and manual process. North needed to drastically reduce the customer wait times when customers came to pick-up sails. With the help of A2B Tracking’s RFID platform, North has been able to significantly reduce labor costs and eliminate wait times at pick-up. Read more to learn how North Sails used RFID technology to improve customer satisfaction.

SRC Automates Government Property Management for 100% Audit Readiness

With state-of-the-art technology, SRC provides a full range of R&D, engineering, integration, testing and support activities. Matt Schuerman, Government Property Manager, was hired with the challenge of developing an approach to managing almost $500 million dollars worth of government property which consisted of 2000 assets spread across 7 U.S. and 2 International locations. Read more to learn how Schuerman and SRC solved these problems.

US Air Force Benefits
From RFID for
Check In and Check Out,
Cycle Counts

The U.S. military was running into a vast number of issues surrounding their weapons tracking processes within their armory. It was taking too long to find weapons that were misplaced within the military armory, accounting for weapons was inaccurate, and it was impossible to trace the history of a weapon’s use and the actual days and times the weapon was being check in and checked out. Read more to find out how they solved these problems.

Barrett Firearms Meets US Army’s IUID Demands

Barrett researched the impact of the Army’s IUID requirement on its operation. However, getting answers on IUID was a challenge — they checked with the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA), but couldn’t find a clear answer to their problem. Barrett needed a singlesource IUID provider who could help with printing durable IUID labels and registering assets with the IUID Registry. Read more to learn how Barrett addressed these challenges.

VT Miltope Becomes
IUID Compliant and
Improves Audit Readiness

Trying to be proactive and comply with the new requirements mandated under the new Department of Defense item unique identification (IUID) policy, VT Miltope was looking for a solution to help them maintain federal compliance. Understanding that the new requirements were stringent and that they had four new product lines that would require the new IUID label, VT Miltope needed a solution to their problems. Read more to find out how they solved these problems.

US Army Deploys IUID
to Improve Maintenance
and Compliance

The Director of Maintenance at a U.S. Army Depot, was informed of the new directive spelled out in MIL STD 130 — the need to uniquely identify items flowing through his department. He knew that the stringent IUID requirements would apply to his team. Because his team creates vehicle data plates and parts, and data tags for Humvees and trailers, this new initiative was going to require a lot of work on his end. Read more to find out how he solved these problems.

US Navy Crane Complies
with DoD’s Asset Tracking Standard

An electrical engineer contractor for Crane Division, was given the task of developing an IUID plan for selected, highly-sensitive parts for an advanced combat control and information system, which was deployed worldwide. At that time, he knew nothing about the DoD’s mandate for item-unique identification and registration. Read more to find out how he solved these problems.

TCOM Meets IUID Compliance
and Audit-Readiness
as a Subcontractor

In order to fulfill a U.S. Army contract as a sub-contractor to Raytheon, TCOM was required to become IUID compliant, meaning that some 300 embedded items within each aerostat had to be serially labeled and registered in order to comply with MIL STD 130. Read more to find out how they solved these problems.

IUID Compliance Aids
L-3 Technologies
Competitive Advantage

L-3 Technologies Compliance manager, realized that his division would need to become fully UID compliant in order to maintain competitive advantage bidding on government contracts. That meant an all-out effort that involved pulling together key departments throughout the division, including senior management, legal, marketing, production, design & development, document control and shipping. Read more to find out how he solved these problems.

How the Air Force Successfully Applies and Registers Millions of IUIDs

In the last five years, A2B Tracking has manufactured and delivered approximately 3 million IUID labels to USAF bases worldwide. The challenge is to provide military personnel with an effective template for marking and registering of legacy assets and government furnished property (GFP). Read more to find out how these challenges were addressed.

How Barrett Firearms
meets their IUID
obligations under contract

When the Department of Defense selected Barrett Firearms to provide M107 rifles for Army war fighters, they insisted that the rifles be marked with a IUID label. Barrett needed a single-source IUID solutions provider who could assist with hardware and software, as well as registering assets with the IUID Registry. Read more to find out how Barrett solved these problems.

Combining IUID Tracking
and Reporting with
Military Maintenance

In the world of identifying, marking and tracking critical assets, the challenge is finding a system that manages all of the steps of compliance, which include creating the UII, marking the item, verifying and validating the mark and submitting the information to the IUID Registry. Read more to find out how these challenges were solved.

Military Depot Speeds Up Maintenance Cycle Times with IUID

Web-based software with mobile devices saves countless man-hours according to Director of Maintenance at one of the military’s largest manufacturing depots, has been deeply involved with IUID since 2007 when he first sat down with A2B Tracking engineers to explore his options for compliance. Read more to learn key insights.

IUID Meets Legacy
By: Rick Triviso, PG09/MCSC/USMC IUID Legacy Program Team Leader

The United States Marine Corps (USMC) is actively moving out on DoD’s directive to mark Legacy equipment across the Services. The Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC) Product Group (PG) 09, Operational Forces Systems, has initiated a program to mark Mission Essential Legacy Ground Equipment. Read more for key strategies.

L-3 Technologies
ComCept Improves Government
Property Management

John Messersmith is Logistics Manager at the company’s new warehouse in Rockwall, TX where 2 people handle DoD property as it passes between the government and DoD vendors. L-3 Technologies ComCept, which often acts as a software house, typically purchases computers and routers and then configures them for specific DoD contracts. Read more to find out how they addressed asset tracking and contract compliance.

Oldenburg Solves Contract
Compliance with IUID

A military contract for an OGI Causeway System required compliance with MIL-STD-130. Numerous items needed to be marked, serially managed, and registered with the IUID Registry, including items of widely differing materials that would be subjected to harsh and abrasive environments. Read more to find out how these challenges were solved.

Zebra Technologies
Provides Durable IUID
Labeling Solution

Because JCB’s high-performance products are used for military construction projects and mission critical applications for several military operations including Iraq and Afghanistan, the DoD included Item Unique Identification (IUID) into JCB’s contract obligations, which involves labeling and recording high value parts and complete products sold to the U.S. military. Read more to learn about the implications.

Zebra Technologies –
DoD supplier takes integrated approach to satisfy IUID and RFID

Gyrocam Systems had no previous experience with barcoding or RFID, causing the company to investigate, specify and install two completely different labeling systems to comply with MIL-STD-129 and MIL-STD-130, while it was also working to fulfill major new DoD contracts. Read more to discover their innovative approach.

Melton Sales & Service
Solves IUID Compliance as a Small Business

When the Melton team first heard about IUID, that philosophy lead them to respond quickly and to become proactive in meeting IUID compliance requirements, while simultaneously meeting many military and ISO standards. Learn how the Contracts Administrator, who leads the IUID compliance effort, approached these challenges.