A2B Tracking Company Values

All company values are manifest in the decisions and actions of the individuals who must live them every day. Nowhere is this reality more evident than at A2B Tracking. We come together as individuals, and as a team, with a core set principles that keeps us grounded to the ethical and moral standards the world expects great enterprises and respected employers to live up to. We call this core set of principles our “Codes of Conduct.”

Value Relationships

We know that success draws from nurturing and sustaining an interdependence among our peers,
our partners and our customers that makes us greater than the sum of our parts.

Think Integrity

We consult our individual and collective conscience at the moment of truth and base our decisions
and actions on what it tells us is right, no matter how difficult or unpopular it may be.

Exceed Expectations

We keep promises realistic and reachable to preserve confidence in our ability to deliver,
then go a step beyond to strengthen our customers’ trust and expand our capabilities.

Deliver Excellence

We focus on the details knowing that our customers are not going to settle for “good enough,”
nor should we expect them to. Excellence says who we are when we’re not there.

Execute Flawlessly

We accept that the most meticulous planning, the most reliable research and the best of intentions
mean nothing if we fail to perform in a way that creates maximum value for our customers.