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Whether you’re tracking assets to fulfill a government contract, or working to improve the your bottom line in your supply chain, stay up-to-date on the technology and compliance standards that are ever-changing in the industry. We periodically share articles that have been published so you can continue to stay caught up on the most recent trends.


Surveyors Locate Savings with RFID

RFID Journal published this article on how DRMP has gained near-100 percent inventory visibility into its surveying equipment as items are used at remote locations and then returned to its multiple storage sites.

Why Government Contractors Need RFID

Government contractors and particularly Government Property Managers need RFID for tracking Inventory and Equipment. The combination of increasing audits along with the current business environment is forcing government contractors to reevaluate their asset management programs.

RFID Tracking for Rental Equipment

Redback Energy Services has reduced a week long inventory-counting process to about an hour — thanks to A2B Tracking’s Rental Equipment Tracking solution.

RFID Zones Enable Automated Tracking Solution for Warehouse

Asset Recovery Specialists is monitoring the movements of hundreds of pieces of equipment in its San Diego warehouse with an RFID system that uses a zone-based system to increase productivity by 30 percent.

Data Accuracy is crucial to audit readiness

Data Accuracy is Crucial to Audit Readiness

The NPMA published this Peter Collins article on the importance of data accuracy to achieve sustained Audit Readiness. Audit Readiness is a major initiative in 2018 for the Defense Department and this is putting increased importance on financial, property and inventory data accuracy.

RFID Journal

RFID Solution is Watertight for North Sails

International sailmaker North Sails has leveraged RFID technology to make inventory management of 1,000 sails automatic at its largest facility. With the technology, provided by A2B Tracking, the company now knows which sails are located at its site, and where.

Automating Electronic Submission to iRAPT

Government contractors within the Department of Defense (DoD) community are responsible for timely and accurate reporting of shipments, invoices, property and material.

RFID Tracking for Military IT Assets

The US Congress mandates that the Department of Defense keeps track of and is accountable for all of their property down to the individual unique asset level – including all IT equipment. Learn why RFID Tracking is a great solution.

Five Questions With Peter Collins – Providence Business News

A2B Tracking Solutions, President and CEO, Peter Collins spoke with Providence Business News about his company’s new commercial-asset tracking software for businesses.

The Most Common Misconceptions about IUID and RFID Compliance

Many organizations owe a significant amount of their revenue to the relationships they maintain with the DoD. For these companies, understanding and following regulatory and compliance standards can make or break that relationship, and the contract.

Keeping Track When It Matters Most – Providence Business News

The U.S. military manages 30 million critical assets every year, from tool cribs in Washington, D.C.’s Navy Yard to Humvees rolling through the mountains of Afghanistan. Keeping track of this material is nothing short of a logistical nightmare.

Pioneering the Ability to Track Assets Across its Lifecycle

Providing asset tracking and compliance systems for defense and commercial enterprises, A2B Tracking Solutions has thrived and evolved driving innovative automatic identification solutions to capture, manage, and track asset data.

Life-cycle Events and Government Furnished Property

IUID compliance is more than just assigning the mark and notifying iRAPT and the IUID Registry. Full compliance also includes reporting ongoing lifecycle events such as item maintenance and end-of-life disposition.

IUID… then what? ROI from deploying Track & Trace.

Data Capture Institute has been tasked by A2B Tracking to estimate the return on investment (ROI) that organizations can expect when budgeting for tracking of items under their control.

Develop a QA Process
for IUID Verification
and Validation

Don’t take it on faith that the labels and plates you accept from your label supplier, sub or prime contractor are 100% compliant. At the end of the day it is you, the contractor or the military receiving agent who is responsible for the information that gets uploaded to the IUID Registry.

Five Stages of
IUID Adoption

A2B Tracking entered the IUID market as a solution provider early on. Our Board Chairman was a member of the integrated product team (IPT) working with the DoD IUID Program Office, and as a bar code pioneer he saw the value of IUID, not only to the military but also to their suppliers.

Good Data Management
is the Key to
Virtual UII Success

If you have legacy equipment in the field or GFP (government furnished property) you can create and register a UII (unique item identifier) without marking the item directly. However, creating a mark from a UII file and perfectly matching it to the item in the field has not proven successful in assuring the high reliability goals of the DoD.

UID = A Wealth
of Possibility

Imagine the possibilities of utilizing UID beyond compliance. Once the thought, energy and expense have been expended to become UID compliant, why not reap the huge benefits that are available, beyond compliance?

The Battle for Visibility

Asset visibility has taking a giant leap forward with the implementation of the US Department of Defense (DoD) Unique Item Identification (IUID) and passive RFID initiatives. Asset visibility enables the military to answer these questions: Who made the item? Where is it now? How will it get here? When will it get here?

Implementing Item Unique Identification in DoD

Under various laws and regulations such as the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and Foreign Assistance Act (FAA), the U.S. government has a continual responsibility, from time of title transfer until eventual disposal, to ensure defense articles and services sold and/or transferred to foreign countries are being used for their intended purposes.

Making a Difference
for Asset Visibility,
Management and Accountability

Item Unique Identification, or IUID, is a capability that requires a globally unique identifier for items, along with the ability to consistently and accurately distinguish any item from another by using high-capacity machine-readable 2-D marking.

Moving to Paperless GFP –
Contractor’s Property Director and the Program Office Provide Transition

Those of you who have been following the roll-out of Item Unique Identification (IUID) for Government Furnished Property know that an important milestone is looming. GFP is going paperless.

Marking technologies ensure BAE compliance with DoD UID requirements

In December 2005, the United States Department of Defense (DoD) issued MIL-STD-130M superseding MIL-STD-130L as the standard practice for identification marking on U.S. military property.

UID Spells Opportunity For Smart Government Contractors

After many good intentions and false starts, beginning with the Chief Financial Officers Act of 1990, it is happening: the Federal Government is leading the charge toward improved fiscal management through visibility and accountability. Property managers stand at the forefront of the accountability movement.