Foil Labels

Foil Labels

Photo imaging process provides maximum clarity and detail of the bar code and copy which are then sealed within the anodic layer of the aluminum, ensuring the mark will last the service lifetime of the item being identified.

The .003″ thick anodized foil IUID labels easily conform to curved surfaces while specially matched adhesives ensure maximum adhesion. Photo imaging provides excellent resistance to UV and sunlight exposure.


  • .003″ or .005″ thick matte anodized aluminum is standard.
  • Serialization: All alphanumeric bar codes are photo imaged with a human-readable equivalent. Guaranteed no skips in sequence.
  • Affixing Method: Specially matched adhesives ensure maximum adhesion to oil free, flat or curved surfaces.

“The IUID requirement was new to us and A2B Tracking was extremely knowledgeable
and helped us better understand what we needed to supply for our customers.

Our Air Force customer evaluated the labels we supplied and conveyed that
the quality exceeded their expectations and they were extremely pleased.”

– Contracts Manager, CSI

4.2 Million

A2B Tracking has manufactured over 3.6 million IUID asset tags which are in use worldwide.


A2B Tracking has provided Marking and Data Capture services to 300 US military installations globally.

7 Million

A2B Tracking has processed over 7 million IUIDs and assets with our cloud-based software, UC! Web™.

Selected Clients

America's Navy
L3 Communications

What makes us better?

Lead Times

A2B Tracking maintains a state of the art, world class production facility. In many instances we can ship your order the next business day.

Certificates of Conformance

A2B Tracking provides a Certificate of Conformance (CoC) as well as verification and validation reports with every IUID label or plate order. These compliance documents will prepare you for the inevitable DCMA audit.

Simple Pricing

You will receive your competitive quote within 24 hours or less. Call and ask how you can receive a discount on your first label or plate order with us.