Around the world, radio frequency identification (RFID) is transforming the way we track, trace, and manage products and assets across an array of industries. To get the full story, download our Zebra – A2B Tracking RFID Solutions eBook here.

RFID replaces manual, line-of-site barcode scanning with remote locationing and tracking, using labels and tags read remotely via handheld or fixed readers. This allows items, medical patients, and even entire pallets or racks of products and materials to be identified, located, and tracked instantaneously and in real time. The end result is unprecedented tracking efficiency, inventory accuracy, and real-time visibility into the status and location of every tagged asset.

With RFID, decision makers are able to access real-time data and insights on the status of key processes, assets, and equipment. And workers can achieve greater productivity and deliver better service quality by automating and streamlining business-critical workflows.

Given these benefits, it’s not surprising that the transformative power of RFID is enabling improved visibility and performance across a range of industries:

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Healthcare

Visibility and Traceability

Zebra has been on the forefront of RFID technology for more than a decade, with proven RFID solutions that provide real time track-and-trace capabilities along with work-in-process tracking and complete visibility into the manufacturing supply chain.

Zebra solutions enable Industry 4.0 and smarter factory operations by allowing materials and products to be identified, tracked, and located automatically at every stage of the supply chain—from the receiving dock to the warehouse, plant floor, and beyond.

Benefits of RFID Manufacturing Technologies

Traceability and Quality Assurance

  • Complete supply chain traceability
  • Pinpoint locationing and tracking of tagged assets
  • End-to-end tracking throughout the supply chain
  • Automated work-in-process tracking
  • Accurate identification and tracking for quality assurance


  • Real-time and accurate inventory
  • Fully automated data collection
  • No line-of-site or item-by-item scanning required
  • Reduced time required for inventory counts
  • Ability to read multiple RFID tags simultaneously

Asset and Facility Management

  • Accurate asset maintenance records
  • Automated alarms and alerts for required service
  • Reduced downtime through optimal maintenance
  • Improved asset sharing and utilization
  • Decreased time searching for assets

Accurate and Real-Time Inventory and Logistics

The automated data collection and real-time locationing of Zebra RFID technologies are helping warehouses, as well as transportation and logistics operations, achieve unprecedented productivity and efficiency.

Zebra’s RFID solutions automate and streamline every aspect of warehousing and distribution—from receiving, put-away, and inventory counts to picking and packing, staging, cross docking, shipping, and more.

Solutions for Smarter Warehousing and Distribution

Receiving, Put-Away, and Replenishment

  • Improve receiving time by up to 90%*
  • Identify, verify, and sort received shipments
  • Direct receivables to the right warehouse locations

Inventory and Materials Management

  • Know the status and location of every item in real time
  • Automatically track every asset in your supply chain
  • Count as many as 20,000 or more items per hour
  • Reduce cycle count times by up to 96%

Picking, Packing, and Staging

  • Improve picking and shipping accuracy by 80%
  • Automate and streamline picking, packing, and verification
  • Eliminate errors with pinpoint identification and accuracy

Cross-Docking and Shipping

  • Ensure items are on the right truck, in the right order
  • Maximize trailer space usage with intelligent loading
  • Eliminate manual shipping verification processes
  • Maintain complete traceability and chain of custody

Item-Level Tracking for Better Retail Performance

Today’s retail requires on-demand responsiveness and product availability, and Zebra RFID solutions are making both possible. Zebra RFID technologies help retailers automate inventory, reduce out-of-stocks, and make sure the right products are in the right place for in-store shipping and e-commerce fulfillment.

From the warehouse or distribution center to the back of store, sales floor, and point of sale, RFID is transforming retail with the power of automated and remote locationing and tracking.

Benefits of RFID for Today’s Omnichannel Retail

Customer-Centric Fulfillment

  • Reduce out-of-stocks and ensure accurate inventory of every product
  • Easily maintain the right product mix with real-time insights
  • Streamline management of every sale, pickup, delivery, and return
  • Lower inventory costs with automated tracking and transaction insights
  • Maximize sales with complete item-level and trend visibility

In-Store Operations

  • Item-level tracking to easily stock, showcase, and replenish products
  • Automatic sensing and recording of item location, status, and movement
  • Improved store efficiency with automated tracking and locationing

Actionable Analytics

  • Unparalleled visibility into every aspect of retail operations
  • Automated item-level data capture for better business insights
  • Easy conversion of data into actionable intelligence

Make your business as smart and as connected as the world you work in

Discover the end-to-end simplicity of Zebra UHF Passive RFID Solutions.

  • Improve ROI
  • Ensure Hardware and Data Interoperability
  • Control what’s inside your business
  • Implement better asset management

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