Military-Grade Asset Tracking,
30 Times Faster Than You Do It Today

Track assets and manage inventories
more efficiently

UC! Web™ saves time by tracking and managing inventories using IUID 2D barcodes and RFID to automate workflows such as cycle counting and check in-check out.

Enjoy monitoring precise movement of assets and inventories in and out of the warehouse, tool crib or any area within your facility.

Finding assets hidden across your department
or enterprise.

UC! Web™ leverages mobile computers with seek and find capability to quickly uncover key assets that have been misplaced or gone missing within your operations.

Difficulty in managing labor and resources?

UC! Web™ easily tracks assets through any workflow such as production line, Work In Process (WIP) or repair cycles.

Monitoring these cycles provides key insight to the use of resources and labor when managing customer expectations.

Pitfalls to avoid when implementing IUID

Be constantly mission-ready.

UC! Web™ provides visibility of all mission critical assets including the current status and state of readiness of that asset to meet any mission.

UC! Web™ traces all historical activities from shipments to repair and maintenance cycles of every asset.

Meeting customer and contract compliance.

UC! Web™ is designed to comply with

  • FAR 52.245-1 (Government Property)
  • DFARS 252.211-7003 (Item Identification and Valuation)
  • DFARS 252.211-7007 (Reporting of Government Furnished Property)

UC! Web™ also satisfies internal reporting of corporate assets.


Commercial Asset Tracking

Military Grade Asset Tracking

IUID Compliance & Reporting

IUID & RFID Labels and Plates


More intuitive with faster deployment and integration than our competition.

Automated reporting to iRAPT and IUID Registry for all military assets and shipments of end item deliverables, property transfers and asset lifecycle events.

Integrated with mobile computing devices such as industrial scanners and tablets.

Captures and stores IUID verification and validation results as part of the integrated audit trail.


Infographic: Asset Tracking: From Missiles to Laptops

Whether it’s IT equipment or mission critical assets, learn how military-grade asset tracking systems provide practical solutions and significant benefits by harnessing powerful barcode and RFID technology.

Whitepaper: Track and Manage Assets Better Than the Pentagon

The US Military manages one of the most complex supply chains in the world. Learn what they do to keep track of hundreds of millions of assets across the globe – and take away valuable lessons to improve your operations.

Download our eBook: Track and Manage Assets Like The Pentagon here to learn how to employ tracking practices used by the US military in your own organization.

Track and Manage Assets Better Than the Pentagon

Webinar: How RFID is Changing Asset Tracking

A2B Tracking invites you to watch a free online discussion between Peter Collins, CEO and Darryl Layne, CTO that will explore why RFID should be considered when implementing an automated asset tracking solution. We step you through the top 5 questions you should be asking when assessing barcode versus RFID, what “real time” asset tracking really means, how to evaluate savings and which organizations desperately need it.


A Commercial RFID solution
to track assets and stock.

Key Features

♦ RFID Tracking with Smartphone
♦ Cloud-Based Asset Management
♦ RFID Gateways for Autonomous Tracking

A military solution to manage assets
and report to government systems.

Key Features

♦ Government Property Management, FAR 52.245-1
♦ Data Exchange to WAWF, PCARSS, IUID Registry
♦ Cradle to Grave Asset Management for DCMA

A solution to meet
100% military compliance.

Key Features

♦ Upload to WAWF for New Acquisition & Property
♦ Military Shipments with DD250s, DD1149s
♦ IUID Compliance

Custom IUID Labels, Plates
and RFID Tags with Fast Delivery.

Key Features

♦ Durable & Custom IUID Labels
♦ Military Shipping Labels
♦ RFID Asset Tags