A2B Tracking Webinar Series presents:
IUID Compliance Speed Session
Thursday, April 9th  at 2:00pm ET

Organizations that do business with the Department of Defense need to understand the importance of the IUID Policy. Furthermore, in order to maintain compliance to MIL-STD-130 and the other IUID directives, there needs to be a solid understanding of the best practices and business systems available.

Item Unique Identification, or IUID, is an essential component for maintaining compliance with US Department of Defense equipment contracts.

Compliance to Military IUID Regulations is critical for Defense Contractors in order to survive DCMA audits. With the increased attention to Defense Industry audits properly identifying, labeling and reporting government assets has never been more important.

IUID Speed Session

IUID Speed Session

Join us on Thursday, April 9th at 2pm ET for this free online webinar with our IUID Specialist, Dan Faria.

This IUID Speed Session is designed to quickly get Government Contractors up to speed and understand the details and requirements of MIL-STD-130 and the IUID Policy.

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Key Topics addressed:

   – The specific data needed to create a conforming MIL STD 130 label
   – The difference between Construct 1 and Construct 2 labels
   – Choosing the proper label material and marking method?
   – Best practices for Verification and Validation
   – Reporting to the IUID Registry
   – How to get it done – Outsource vs In-house production

IUID Speed Session

Bring your Questions

Bring your IUID Compliance questions to this interactive workshop session. There should be plenty of time for Dan to get into some detailed questions to help improve your IUID program and make sure that it is running as efficiently as possible.

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