Ensure On-Time Payment and Exceptional ROI

Total Visibility of All Corporate
and Government Assets

With UC! Web™, you’ll find everything you need to meet your asset management and compliance objectives all under one roof.

UC! Web™ leverages advanced barcode and RFID to track precise movement of assets while reducing labor and resources required to perform fast and accurate inventories.

UC! Web™ reports all asset types, property transfers and asset lifecycle events.

Ensure On-Time Payment from Government

UC! Web™ is designed for organizations that need automated electronic iRAPT reporting without the high-cost of manual data entry.

With seamless integration to iRAPT and the IUID Registry, you’ll rest easy knowing that you’re reducing labor and that all of your invoices and shipments are reported accurately to ensure on-time payments from the military.

Exceptional ROI

UC! Web™ is military-proven software that lets you take control of your assets and inventory with up to a 30:1 return on labor versus manual inventories.

With improved inventory visibility and accuracy, duplicate purchases and excess stock will be reduced or eliminated.

Reduced IT Expense

UC! Web™ is delivered Software-as-a-Service.

We maintain all computing resources and all software updates so your IT overhead is minimized while your enterprise leverages all the benefits that the latest technology offers.

Simple integration with your financial system

Improve workflow and avoid redundant data entry by leveraging data managed in UC! Web™.

UC! Web’s API integrates with financial or other legacy software in your organization for greater asset visibility and scalability across your enterprise.


Commercial Asset Tracking

Military Grade Asset Tracking

IUID Compliance & Reporting

IUID & RFID Labels and Plates


More intuitive with faster deployment and integration than our competition.

Automated reporting to iRAPT and IUID Registry for all military assets and shipments of end item deliverables, property transfers and asset lifecycle events.

Integrated with mobile computing devices such as industrial scanners and tablets.

Captures and stores IUID verification and validation results as part of the integrated audit trail.


Infographic: Asset Tracking –
From Missiles to Laptops

Whether it’s military assets, information technology, or transportation equipment, customers know they can depend on A2B Tracking for practical solutions that harness powerful barcode and RFID technology.

Whitepaper: iRAPT and the DoD –
What Suppliers and Contractors Need to Know

iRAPT is an essential part of success when working with the Department of Defense. Adherence to best practices will not only ensure that you maintain your DoD contracts, but that you’re operating at peak efficiency.

This eBook covers all the necessary topics around iRAPT, from the fundamentals to how it affects the way you track and report your assets and shipments to the Department of Defense. Learn how each member of the team fits into the iRAPT puzzle, and best practices that will save you time and increase efficiency in your organization.

Webinar: Implementing IUID & RFID –
Top Pitfalls to Avoid

DCMA’s focus on IUID and RFID audits throughout the defense community is increasing at a rapid rate. A2B Tracking invites you to watch this free on-demand webinar that will teach you how to implement an IUID and RFID program across your organization and provide you the latest changes from the policy office.

We take you step by step through IUID, starting with your contract obligations. We walk you through barcode and RFID label validation and verification, and the new iRAPT (formerly WAWF) and IUID registration requirements. When you complete the webinar, you will have the information you need to support the implementation of a new program or update and improve your current one.


A Commercial RFID solution
to track assets and stock.

Key Features

♦ RFID Tracking with Smartphone
♦ Cloud-Based Asset Management
♦ RFID Gateways for Autonomous Tracking

A military solution to manage assets
and report to government systems.

Key Features

♦ Government Property Management, FAR 52.245-1
♦ Data Exchange to WAWF, PCARSS, IUID Registry
♦ Cradle to Grave Asset Management for DCMA

A solution to meet
100% military compliance.

Key Features

♦ Upload to WAWF for New Acquisition & Property
♦ Military Shipments with DD250s, DD1149s
♦ IUID Compliance

Custom IUID Labels, Plates
and RFID Tags with Fast Delivery.

Key Features

♦ Durable & Custom IUID Labels
♦ Military Shipping Labels
♦ RFID Asset Tags